Download GIMP v2.10.18 x86 – photo editing and face retouching software


GimpThe name of the software is taken from the abbreviated word GNU, meaning the image editor program. With Gimp, you can access all the professional tools that are used to edit photos. The Gimp software is similar to Photoshop, with the exception that it offers easier editing tools for users. While features in Photoshop make photo editing more professional, Gimp software is the ideal software for beginners who want to start editing images. With this powerful software, you can access retouching photos, combining images, creating artistic images, massively rendering images, converting formats, and many more. After editing and editing your photos, the software will display a live preview for you to eliminate your image flaws and make the necessary changes.

Key Features of the Gimp Software:
– Having all the tools you need for professional editing images
– having drawing tools including brush, pencil, spray, clone, and …
– fixing many of the defects of digital shadows Clear, lens mismatch, etc.
– Ability to use different tools in the form of widgets
– Support for custom brushes and patterns and blending images together
– Tools for retouching, rendering and converting photo formats
– Published to Face open-source source
– Enhanced photo retouching techniques
– Supports all common video formats
– Fullscreen editing
– Installation And the use of multiple plugins with multiple filters and effects
– Supports various input devices
– Supports multiple languages



Direct Link Software – 220 MB



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