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Light Image ResizerPowerful software to resize images. At the time of production, the software has only been able to resize images without compromising quality, but after time and various updates, it has been able to incorporate all powerful tools for managing images. Surely you’ve come to the point that you need to resize images without compromising quality or intend to convert the image format to reduce the size or run in a particular software. Undoubtedly, the most powerful and easy-to-use software in this area is Light Image Resizer, which has the ability to include features such as volume reduction and backup and image rotation in addition to the features mentioned. You can easily copy the images to the memory card in the software environment or send your pictures to friends by email. You can choose the resolution of the output, create a copy, resize the original image, rename files, compress and even process a particular part of the image with just one click. You can do all of these actions in batch Apply to images with just one click. In the additional settings of this program, you can add additional add-ons, including white borders, text, etc. to your pictures. Using your live preview window will notify you to see the final image before finalizing the image. This program converts images It performs very fast and you can even access the settings in the Windows operating system environment by right-clicking on the images or folder. Finally, after applying the changes, you can either export the files directly from the program or email it as a zip file. There are standard and predefined profiles that you can use to send files to the output. With the program wizard, you can send your final images to the output for use on Digital Photo Frame. We recommend using this handy and lightweight app for all your easy friends.

Key Features of the Light Image Resizer software:
– Ability to resize images without loss of quality
– Ability to resize and format images in batch mode
– Rotate images, adjust contrast, color, transparency of images
– Ability to resize and format images with right mouse click
– Capture images output to be displayed on the Digital Photo Frame
– Copy images to the memory card through the software environment
– Transfer images via email to friends through the software environment
– Ability to convert image extensions and support for common video formats
– Compressive capability and low-volume images for use on Web pages
– adjustable transparent The light in the images, compress and resize images





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