Download MakeUp Instrument v5.5.561 – A complete set of cosmetics and accessories


As we know, making up is one of the most important things for women, especially ladies. This, in addition to the heavy costs, takes us hours for hours to get the right makeup.To make the makeup on your image and if you want to put it on our faces. This time, the easy-to-download software introduces you to the powerful software that, without having enough knowledge for hairdressers and using this software, we can turn into a professional hairdresser and make your own pictures and friends with this powerful software. Make up. With this software, you will have a full-bodied instrument and cosmetics kit. The Powerful MakeUp Instrument software includes a toolkit for retouching imagesWith the use of digital design. With the help of this software you can make your own images professionally. And all facial and skin imperfections, such as wrinkles, acne, tattoos, patches, wounds, and black spots, without cosmetics and virtually easily. By installing this powerful software, you will have a cosmetic box with all the makeup tools. Yes, it’s just that you no longer have to worry about losing your lipstick or misuse of cosmetics. With a single click, you can brush your face or makeup. For example, by clicking and selecting a lipstick you can test different colors on your face and choose the most beautiful color for yourself. With this software you can choose the best and most beautiful makeup and after completing and testing the makeup on your face in the virtual world, implement it in the event world. With a single click, you can reduce the wrinkles, remove skin spots (stains and wounds), and also eliminate the redness of the eye and contrast the contrast and contrast of your image. This application provides a natural face shape arrangement and changes in the color of the hair and the color of the eye, as well as with the advanced cosmetic tools and everything you expect from a cosmetic software. For example, tools such as lip color editing, eyelashes, eyelashes, teeth color, eye color, color, etc. are among the most valuable and useful tools in this software. If you have worked with the popular PhotoInstrument software, you will definitely appreciate this powerful software.

The key features of the MakeUp Instrument software are :
– Apply lipsticks, lipstick, eye shadow, face powder and all kinds of cosmetic tools
– Brush tooth brushing tools
– Shampoo for hair removal
– Eyelashes and eye color changes
– Supports various languages including Sweet Persian language
– Ability to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles and repair the stains and skin lesions
– Possibility to illuminate and invigorate the skin of the face
– Adjusts the luminance, contrast and facial color
– Light, color, darken , Copying, removing red-eye, …
– Beautifying the faces of the faces and softening the face
– Ability to resize the photo and rotate the photo.
– A compact and unparalleled tool for similar tools
– Ultimate quality in image storage



Download with direct link – 3.6 MB




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