Download MakeUp Pilot v4.3.0 – Face image and photo retouching software


c is a software designed to decorate the face and allows you to apply the grim effects directly to your face. Do not look bad in your pictures! If you have the MakeUp Pilot program, it’s like having a makeup image have a computer at your disposal. The MakeUp Pilot software is a powerful face trim enhancement tool that allows you to apply grim effects directly to your face. Do not panic in your pictures. If you have a MakeUp Pilot program, it’s like having a grim of your pictures on a computer. Use this tool to correct any blemishes and spots on your skin, including mites, warts, boils, skin spots, and more. This app will give your face perfect and perfect visuals to send to friends or put in your family album. With this program, you will be able to edit your photos much better than before and even better than a photographer. This program has a small amount and has a simple function to edit images greatly and is a powerful software for the use of photographers.

The key features of the MakeUp Pilot software are :
– Skin smoothing and shaping
– Eye and tooth extraction
– Light and shadow adjustment – Removing stains and wounds and changing eye color
– Removing red eyes when shooting
– Ability to remove color spots on the face
– Ability to remove wrinkles of the face
– Install the software as a plugin in Photoshop software and Corel PhotoPaint
– Ability to change the resolution and standardize the color of the image
– Ability to change Direction and rotate the image
– Auto-training with default image when starting the program






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