Download Optitex v11.0.663 – Simulation and virtual design software for clothes


Optitex is a completely new software and, of course, the first application in the field of clothing simulation. If you’re tired of wearing and wearing clothes and you’re going to do something new, we offer you this powerful software so that the software has a strong bank of special colors And gender and size and weight, and … can be smartly designed to design two-dimensional and three-dimensional clothing. One of the most beautiful images of this software is boutiques. By putting all the costumes on the app with the boutique owner, everyone who enters the boutique can take a photo and import it into a soft The software is completely three-dimensionalConsider each dress for the individual, so that the buyer can test in a fraction of a few dozen dresses without realizing it.

Key features of the Optitex software :
– Capable of porting upright images
– Equipped with clothing
– Fully smart design
– Ability to consider the size and size of the wig and gender and … when designing
– The ability to design and 2-D and 3-D clothing views
– Ability to tone virtual dresses after preparation



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