Download PaintSupreme v1.5 x86 / x64 – Fast photo editing software and image quality improvements


PaintSupreme is the best tool for editing imagesIt has already entered the market and has stolen a cluster amongst other carriers, which is due to the use of more than 10,000 of this utility. It has certainly come to you to see an old or even new image. You can create a patch on a picture or a corner of a blurry image that blurs the beauty of the image so the best option for you is the software that easily removes all the spots and blurry places on the image. he does. With this software you can easily edit the image with the various tools you provide and create a whole new image from that image. One of the notable advantages of this software is that it gives you access to a variety of tools that these tools enhance your power of maneuver while at the same time simplicity will work as much as possible.We describe the download, which includes moving, cutting, resizing, retouching, zooming, adjusting light, color balance, and more.

Key features of PaintSupreme software :
– Work style selection tools
– Editing tools for fast and professional editing of images
– Filter and retouch tools (for corner or whole image)
– Text tools (for typing text and … )
– Drawing tools (to draw ready shapes)
– Painting tools with numerous and attractive filters
– Image sharing tools
– Supports all popular formats for images



Free 32-bit version with direct links – 62.4 MB download 64-bit direct link – 64.8 MB


required system

– Display resolution of minimum 1200 * 800 pixels


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