Download Photo Makeup Editor v1.85 – Face image and image retouching software


As you know, facial makeup is essential before creating a photo to create a charming face especially for women …! Maybe you’re one of those people who are worried about getting your own photos without facial expressions and previous predictions on special occasions. On the other hand, sometimes the quality of camera images, poor lighting conditions, or even changes in appearance will double your concern. The Photo Makeup Editor, as its name implies, is a very interesting and powerful tool for makeupAnd professional editing of images by making real changes and natural effects in digital photos. This software provides the user with a natural, natural color scheme and a change in the color of the hair, or even with digital plastic surgery, in real-world, whatever the user expects. For example, tools such as lip color editing, eyelashes, eyelashes, teeth color, eye color, color, etc. are among the most valuable and useful tools in this software.

Key Features of the Photo Makeup Editor:
– Apply lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, face powder and more …
– Apply eye lens and allow eye color changes
– Reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles and repair blemishes and skin lesions.
– Possibility of deformation and adjustment of body and face dimensions (plastic surgery!)
– Possibility to illuminate and invigorate the skin (tanning)!
– Having all the accessories in a beauty institute
– Possibility
to change the settings of the gadgets – Possibility to change facial expressions and create a pleasant smile on face
– Adjusts the brightness, contrast and color of the face



The password is to open the compressed file 




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