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If you are one of those friends who are interested in graphic art and have the hands to edit your own photos and spend hours working on your images. Perhaps the first software to come to your mind is the powerful Photoshop software. In addition to the power of this software, it has a very high volume and you need a powerful system to use such software. 
You might think it’s a good alternative to this powerful software, which, in addition to being fully-featured, has all the features of a small amount and can be installed on all computers. Powerful Photo Filter Studio softwareOne of the most complete, most powerful professional editing software for images. This software allows you to have the most advanced image editing tools with powerful tools to fully capture your images professionally. With powerful filters you can edit your images in the shortest possible time. With the professional tools available in the software, it provides the opportunity for novice users to go into the world of graphics and take advantage of this software pleasure. Full-fledged Retouching Software The images and images that are easy to use and easy to manipulate and quickly turn the graphic files into complete and convenient operation. The speed and simplicity of the software makes it a full-fledged gadget. If we want to talk about the software in a sentence, we’ll say that it has become a pocket PC software, and has since been around everywhere. With hundreds of filters and various tools, this software is one of the most popular image editing software, which is a very good alternative to Photoshop. With this software, you can modify red-eye and more with Advanced Retouching Tools. With powerful layers management, you can easily manage your images. One of the other great benefits of this software is the very fast loading of this software and the high speed to work with images, one of the most important features of this software, which most professional users pay attention to. Photo Filter Studio X has greatly enhanced the power of most video formats.

Key Features of PhotoFiltre Studio X:
– Simple environment while superb performance 
– Color mix to easily get the desired color 
– Full compatibility with the awesome Adobe PhotoShop software 
– Exquisite and varied effects of various types of filters Very beautiful 
– Brushes three-dimensional and multiple professional brushes 
– Color management professionally 
– Transformation of a photo or image according to the type of images 
– A separate user interface for managing colors 
– The ability to recognize and select the colors of the background 
– speed and very high loads and high efficiency installed similar software 
– high speed and load Stunning images 
– supports most image formats available
– Very high speed in image retrieval and storage 
– Change size, color, text, and rotation … Simply and with very complete tools 
– Backup of edited images automatically 
– Remove red color in the photo. display 



software download direct link – 10.8 MB



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