Download PhotoZoom Pro v8.0.4 – Larger image loss software


Some professional people have always had the problem of reducing their quality when zoomed in or zoomed in on small photos. PhotoZoom application with the S-Spline XL tool, you can turn your small photos into the desired size as best as possible without losing quality. PhotoZoom Pro is the perfect software for digital photography, large print, DTP, web design, and online publishing. It is also the software used to process industrial images such as space technology, security, medicine, and legal applications. Many professionals and even non-professionals face the challenge of changing their images. PhotoZoom is an S-Spline XL-based software that enables you to enlarge your images with the least quality degradation. For example, expect a magnification of 2×2 to 1024×768 images without degrading the quality. Use this software to magnify about 3 to 4 times for personal use and 6 to 8x for specific uses.

Key features of the Photo Zoom Pro software:
– Enlarge multiple images with just one Click
– Install a plugin to use this feature on Adobe Photoshop
– Support the new S-Spline XL technology to magnify high-resolution images
– S -Spline XL to improve quality
– Batch conversion – A
very simple environment even for beginners
– Used on windows and Mac
– Details of fine-tuning to improve quality
– Support for most common video
formats – Support All formats include an image of 48 and 64 bits
– Increased photo size at a high level
– Multi-lingual support for full-fledged Persian language A



software download direct link – 40.4 MB



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