Download Quick 3D Cover v2.0.1 – 3D cover and label design software

If you are one of the users who are interested in boxes, boxes, and 3-D packages, and more important than designing them yourself, we are glad for you. Our Good News is introducing a powerful and fast software that helps you create really nice and professional boxes without the need for special experience and graphics. If you want to create this box using graphic software like Photoshop, in addition to having information about Photoshop and how it works, you need to be so fluent that you can create a box, which in turn is hard to do. But there’s also a simpler way to use Quick 3D CoverAll of which you need to create a box and a 3 بعدی box. With just a few simple clicks, you can create the most beautiful 3-D packets as custom. This program provides you with a complete archive of pre-designed boxes, and you simply select your sample plot from the archive and then the rest of the process. With Quick 3D Cover, you’re just a few clicks away with beautiful 3D boxes.
In fact, this app helps designers save time and get the best results. With Quick 3D Cover you can create professional images from books, DVDs, software boxes and some other objects. You can add custom images or text to your designs. Like you can Control shadow, reflection and light in the designs. The output quality is adjustable from 64 to 3000 pixels. It supports common JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, Bmp formats. It also allows you to import Photoshop PSD files into the program. Another feature of this app, which is also important, is that there is no need for a 3D hardware accelerator. At the end of the introduction of the Quick 3D Cover app, you can easily download friends .We suggest you try this app and be sure you will never regret it.

Key features of Quick 3D Cove software :
– Simple and user-friendly environment – Easy and
quick installation
– No need for 3D information
– Creation of 3-D boxes
– Creating books and DVDs
– Importing PSD files to the program
– Supports common image formats
– Ability to determine the quality of the output file from 64 to 3000 pixels
– No need for 3D hardware accelerator
– Full archive of pre-designed designs
– Possibility to adjust light, shadow and reflection in designs



Download with direct link – 11.3 MB




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