Download Salon Styler Pro v5.2.1 – Choosing and designing hairstyles according to the person’s face


One of the most interesting software that various computer companies offer are numerous versions of the software is face design. Face design, which comes in the form of a software, with a variety of facial expressions and components, allows the user to design the faces of each person in mind with just a few clicks on the facial features. Salon StylerThe name of one of these software is the ability to create faces; a complete software that contains a variety of faces with facial components in different parts of the user and can easily and by choosing the desired face The software, which is also very expensive, has an easy-to-use interface that can help as much as possible even beginner users. The design salon, which has a very powerful and very large database of all kinds of hair, faces, eyes and, in general, all the components, can display images in three dimensions; it’s interesting that the Salon Styler makes it possible Allows users to even add new designs to the software database. We recommend downloading this cool software because you can use it to design the digital face of people.

The software is only installed on Windows XP! 

Key features of the Salon Styler software:
– Attractive but simple user interface
– Easy to use software
– Powerful database of faces and components
– Possibility to insert new designs in the software
– Three-dimensional display in the software
– Ability to change colors in the software and various facial features



Download Direct Link Software – 169 MB



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