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A powerful software that can be used for digital publishing and printing is Adobe InDesign. The most popular and popular tool used by the majority of printers and publishing houses for its layout. Although this tool is very complete and efficient, there are always rivals that can increase the quality. Serif PagePlus is also one of the powerful tools that can be used in publishing. The presence of almost all the printing and layout features is one of the most important features that this powerful tool can see.
Very easy to use features included in the software, the ability to convert output to desired formats and in various qualities, simple color management, perfectly custom editing and dozens of other features that beginner users can with a bit of patience and accuracy. All of them can be found in the new version of Serif PagePlus.
The Serif PagePlus X7, which is a new, evolving version that has just been released, makes it extremely easy to work thanks to its user-friendly interface. The existence of a series of awesome fantasy designs also simplifies the idea of modeling so that users can more easily follow the layout of the magazines than ever before. We have prepared this efficient software so that users who are interested in publishing and digital printing, or who work in this field, will also examine this powerful tool.

Key FeaturesSoftware Serif Pageplus:
– high speed application performance
– using the most innovative designs
– into different output and user preferences
– Use The quality of the design and printing
– there is a wide range of colors in the app
– edit And perfectly designed professional pages
– Extremely awesome designs
– Easy to use software with attractive interface
– Online and digital exits
– Compatible with popular PDF formats



download free with direct link – 500 MB – Part I 
download free with direct link – 500 MB – Part II 
download free with direct link – 500 MB – Part Three 
download free with direct link – 168 MB – Part IV




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