Download SketchUp Pro 2015 v15.3.331 + 2017 v17.1.174 – 3D Form Builder


Google SketchUp is a fully professional 3D designer application. Surely you’ve heard a lot of software like Flow Architect Studio 3D and 3D Max and … that have the ability to carry out 3D designs in the home and industrial field, and … but Google SketchUp Pro is a The software is absolutely exceptional in this regard, since countless tools are included to make the designer work as professional and quick as possible. Google SketchUp Pro has the ability to draw objects like a home or a palace or a car or a train and any other object, and you can also simply colorize it after the design process. The fact that the design is made can be exactly the same as a completely realistic example.
Since the Google SketchUp Pro is built by Google, it also includes features for coordinating this software with Google Maps so that you can provide satellite imagery by providing a geographical coordinate or a postcode. Get those coordinates and use those images to inspire your current layout. Undoubtedly, this is one of the coolest features of this software, which is of great importance to architects because they can easily take advantage of other maps. Build buildings to combine with their design.

Key features of Google SketchUp software:
– Two-dimensional and three-dimensional design capabilities
– Getting out of software with extensions to integrate with AutoCAD and TerryDeaks software.
– Ability to color except for the entire layout.
– Ability to synchronize with Google Maps and get 3D map of any geographic coordinates
– Ability to design interior for models
– Ability to add shadows and locate on the ground
– Ability to convert vector images into two-dimensional 3D
– Separate viewability Design of the interior of the models
– Simulate the location of the camera as desired
– Support for various programming languages including Ruby
– Ability to use DXF, DWG, 3D in the program
– Make an animation from the layout and get the output in AVI format and MOV
– Ability to input and output formats TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc. in the program
– Ability to output images b The next significant larger screen
– Compatible with different versions of Microsoft’s popular Windows operating system



download SketchUp 2017 x64 Direct Link – 171 MB 
download plug V-Ray 2017 with direct links – 402 MB 

download SketchUp 2015 x86 Direct Link – 99.3 MB 
download SketchUp 2015 x64 Direct Link – 109 MB 

download plug V-Ray 2015 x64 Direct Download – 98 MB

 Download SU Podiuxm 64 plugin  with direct link – 35.8 MB



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