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Charts and types of diagrams today have become one of the most common research cases at various levels. To display statistics or chart charts or programming charts, a graphical and computer graphic can help to make the work more beautiful, and it is surely more effective in the success of the research project as well. But the drawing of a chart or chart or diagram requires the use of one of the software that is active in this field. SmartDrawOne of the powerful software that can be very useful in this regard. This tool, designed for the same purpose, has the ability to create a variety of diagrams, graphics charts and charts. A complete tool that can quickly and easily be used by its proprietary graphic interface. Drawing up a variety of electrical circuits using all the components designed in the software, designing a variety of computer network mapping, geographic maps and much more will all be easy to use in SmartDraw software. The main categories are the design of more than 26 items that no longer leave anything, namely a beginner user for designA chart can be used from the easiest to use, and a professional user, if desired, can easily design in any way. Compatible with the software in the Microsoft Office suite is one of the many features that are important for many users, since the Office suite is known as the most commonly used package. Direct printing with the ability to change page size and settings, the ability to place shapes and images on pages and more, including other features of the SmartDraw software.

Key features of SmartDraw software :
– Easy to use software
– Extremely attractive user interfaces
– Ability to design more than 26 models of types of charts and diagrams
– Various storage formats
– Direct printing of software
– Compatible with Software available in the Office suite
– Possibility to place drawings and images in projects
– Share documents
– Adjust page size
– Change graphics for printing
– Use tables in documents
– Ability to use text in documents



Download with direct link – 57 MB



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