Download Studio Visualizer v14.0.1 – Three-dimensional design software package


StudioVisualizer softwareSuitable for designing a variety of packages, boxes, and covers of products in various sizes and shapes that you can design with your own without any limitation or difficulty. This application software can be displayed after a product design using a powerful internal simulator that displays the output package in the desired number inside store shelves or other environments in order to provide a more complete picture of it. With all the advanced design tools and a variety of professional packaging molds, StudioVisualizer makes you an excellent pacing package. Finally, after applying the tastes and making the final packaging, you can extract the product design in three-dimensional format in a PDF file or in a 3D video format for display and printing.

Some key features of StudioVisualizer software include:
– Three-dimensional design of a variety of packages in a variety of sizes
– Control all
cutaways and alignment lines with geometric shapes – View and edit projects built in Illustrator, ArtPro and PackEdge
– Simulation Product in real-world environments like stores and shelves
– A fully functional environment with a variety of design tools
– Three-dimensional design and the manufacture of a variety of covers and boxes and packaging for bottles, cans, envelopes, boxes and …
– The ability to output with PDF extensions and 3D playback extensions
– All tastes and high flexibility
– Compatible with different versions of the system. The popular Microsoft Windows operating



software download direct link – 675 MB


required system

Minimum System Requirements for Studio 14.1 
Processor type and speed 
x86-64 compatible dual-core processor (Intel or AMD), minimum dual-core. 
Please note that from 14.0.2 onwards, Studio Toolkit and Studio Store Visualizer are 64-bit applications and thus only run on a x86-64 compatible dual-core processor. Also the 32-bit 2014 release (and later) of Creative Cloud is not supported. 

Minimum 8 GB RAM. 

Available hard
disk space An NTFS volume is required. The software takes up to 1GB of disk space. But take into account the need for storage of temporary and production data. A backup solution is strongly recommended. 

Graphics card and video drivers 
A discrete graphics card using NVIDIA or AMD / ATI graphics chips and supporting OpenGL 2.1 (or higher). A minimum of 512 Mb of video memory is required. When in doubt, please use the free trials. AMD / ATI FireGL boards are NOT supported. 

Internet connection
10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, TCP / IP v4 protocol, TCP / IP v6 protocol is not supported. 

Use within Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion or any other virtualized environment is NOT supported. 

All Esko applications running on Windows OS can use data that is available on network shares. These shares need to be on Windows or Unix / Linux (using SMB) file servers. Mac OS X (version 10.3.x; 10.4.x; 10.5.x; 10.6.x) data servers are also supported, but with limitations. These are standard limitations encountered when connecting to a Mac OS X server from Windows workstations or servers. They are related to lost resource forks of MAC-application data when a Windows component moves or copies data. 

minimum screen resolution
The Studio Toolkit application needs a resolution of at least 1680 by 1050 pixels. 

Software Dependency 
Studio requires Adobe® Illustrator® CS6 or CC 2014. Adobe® Illustrator® CC is no longer supported.
Studio 14.1.1 supports Adobe® Illustrator® CC 2015 and is released on October 13, 2015. 
The 32-bit 2014 release of Creative Cloud is not supported. 
3D PDFs from Studio Designer require Adobe® Reader 8.1 or newer for viewing. 
Studio Designer is also available in Esko PackEdge 10, Plato 10 or newer.


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