Download SWiSH Max v4.0 Build 2011.06.20 – Fast and easy file making software


SWiSH Max is one of the best and most professional, yet simple to use software for creating flash clips and internet advertising. Nowadays, the position of flash clips and banner ads has been replaced on the Internet. Making it easy and putting words and pictures with stunning effects is one of the tasks of this powerful software. With this app, you can easily use text, pictures, sound and image in your clips.
You can use it to build flash buttons and other flash effects to use on your site and blog and … SWiSH Max software has 380 beautiful and new effects to put on texts and images that power Multiplies you in creating the work. Equipped with Java programming, automatic creation of simple forms, powerful ability to import and export SWF files, as well as the very interesting ability to reduce flash files to the smallest, is also a feature of this powerful and popular software.

Some features of the SWiSH Max software: 
Effects and effects:
– More than 380 effects available and packed for you
– Effects can animate texts, photos, graphics and sounds very quickly
– For developers to extend these effects. Gives
– All effects can be placed on an object.

No programming required. All codes are available through a simple menu.
– Advanced programming using SWiSH Script.
– Code editor that allows the user to directly enter the programming. the catalog
– Spell that can correct errors in coding find and fix

design tools:
– tools designed with advanced features like line, pencil, text, ellipses / circles, rectangles / squares and shapes ready
– with components and parts for editing existing forms
– forms that allow you to create and edit the details of our objects Are easily the three-dimensional cubes
– with guides, grids, and alignment scanning and

– A user-friendly, very easy-to-use face that allows anyone to create flash animations in minutes
– Objects, frames and effects can all be added, edited, or deleted using the time bar.
– Completely simple management for movies and Sequence

Entry and Extract:
– Ability to import SWF movies made with other software –
Simply importing audio, graphics, and texts
– Movies made with SWiSH Max software are easy to use in other flash creation software. Imports
feature – Powerful compression of SWF files to keep your files low.

New software features. R:
Refurbished: SWF files with dynamic texts did not have the ability to run in Flash Player 9, the problem was resolved.

Fixed : Return to previous editing name in Outline Crashes. Fix multiple bugs in the software and optimize with Windows Vista
– And …

SWiSH Max software key features:
– Website design and professional banner ads. With Flash
– you have over 380 effects ready to put on the layout
– has over 300 designs ready for use in the design
– the ability to import photos, graphics, sound, clips, from all common formats
– programmability in the software environment For professionals
– has professional tools for controlling movement, drawing shapes, editing text, and so on …
– Effects on text and images ready for use
– Very simple and easy user interface
– Add MP3 and WAV audio files and more.
– Create beautiful flash files in the shortest possible time
– produce compact and lightweight flash files in SWF format
– Ready shape
shapes like Stars, Arrows, Polygons, Cubes, Buttons … – More than thousands of different effects and Beautiful text and images
– Easy to use coding and more than thousands of ready
-made files – Ability to upload dynamic images and texts from the server



software download direct link – 54.4 MB



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