Download Xara Designer Pro X v15.1.0.53605 – Graphic Design Software


This time, we plan to introduce the software to you users and those who manually work on the design of the logo, or the promotional images for the website or the business cards, so that they can easily do their work with it. This highly efficient Xara Designer toolIs called A very suitable and powerful software for professionals and those who like to design and draw different images of photographs, animations, promotional teasers and more. It’s a good idea to design a creative teaser for different purposes. And for various reasons you are left open. Perhaps one of the reasons is that you do not have the necessary knowledge or the lack of the necessary art for these teasers and images. Of course, the design of such images and teasers is not easy and requires a lot of art and art. There are a lot of software in this field, but this software has great features that make it different from other similar tools. Extremely high speed performance with a very user-friendly environment and much easier to use than Xara Designer. As mentioned above, using the software is very easy, so that you do not need any training, and it’s easy to learn all the techniques of making animations and animations, and just need a little practice. Software features are incredibly large. It may not be able to find this tool. It’s easy to get water, you can find the colors in the software and choose the best for your target. Almost all editing of images can be done with this tool and get the best out of the best possible quality. Of course, this software is also very suitable for web designers because it can also design images and websites with this tool. The storage time of images and animations can be stored in different formats. Approximately 50 formats are supported in this software. HTML, JPG, PSD, SWF, PSD and … are among the most famous of these formats.

Key features of the Xara Designer software:
– Capable of extracting popular swf and gif formats 
– Very easy to use without any training 
– Ability to use the effects of this software 
– High speed storage and loading 
– Ability to change formats PDF files, PSD files and other image formats 
– Supports about 50 common formats with plugins in the software 
– Graphing capabilities with user-friendly software environment 
– Possibility to create panoramic images and professional photo editing 
capabilities – Design capabilities animated images with the tools available in the program 
– the 3D (three-dimensional) images and animations 
– output J and Import the web and the images in it 
– A professional magnification tool for professional project editing
– Perfect compatibility with the awesome Adobe Photoshop software 
– Capable of storing as a text document 
– Powerful text editing tools that have great flexibility 
– A powerful 3D tool for working with shapes and posts 
– Design tools for making images Vector 
– Beautiful and ready-made designs in the software 
– The ability to fully design the website in this software environment using various tools 
– Compatibility with Adobe Awesome and Professional Adobe Dreamweaver 
– Compatible with versions Various Microsoft Windows operating systems 



download software 32-bit version with direct links – 147 MB download software 64-bit version with direct links – 170 MB

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