Download XnView v2.45 Complete Download XnView v2.49.2 Complete + XnView MP v0.96 – Convert and modify more than 400 video formats+ XnView MP v0.90 – Convert and change over 400 image formats


Often, computer users often need to make changes to images in their personal galleries and are often looking for software with a very simple user interface to make their own custom changes to images as quickly as possible without the slightest pain. Apply. XnView software to view and convert various graphic file formats. The software supports over 400 graphic formats and can easily browse all image files and audio available anywhere on the computer. This software is other than Windows versions for MacOS X, Linux x86, Linux PPC, FreeBSD x86, OpenBSD x86, NetBSD x86, Solaris Sparc, Solaris x86 and more. XnView has several features such as resizing images, color and light control, changing the number of colors for a single photo, the ability to use various filters with interesting image effects, mass conversion of images, taking photos from the operating system environment and more. .. is.

Key features of XnView software:
– Supports 400 video input formats
– Can be installed on Windows and Linux
– Get output with more than 50 different formats
– Edit the IPTC
– Create and edit EXIF image information
– Resize, angle and cut pictures
– Ability to change the contrast of images
– Create over 20 types of effects
– Edit part of the colors in the image
– Supports 44 languages in the world
– Supports print support -Windows only
– Supports Windows Drag and Drop support (Windows only)
– Works with several very nice filters
– Supports TWAIN & WIA for Windows
– Creates beautiful effects on the screen. Images



Download software XnView direct link – 20 MB

download software XnView MP 32-bit version with direct links – 41.9 MB
download software XnView MP 64-bit version with direct links – 51.9 MB



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