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As we can see, the market for 3D glasses and 3D films and images has been hot. Perhaps you are the friends who bought one of these three-dimensional glasses that have been on the market for many ads on this and you like to make your own such images or to make your own 3D image and see you. Have fun. 3D movies are a special kind of movie that is used to capture two cameras instead of 1 camera.
Watching this movie with the normal eye of the eye, the viewer is very annoyed and only see a bunch of red and blue images, but when you watch the movie, you’ll see the movie when you look at the 3D glasses (anaglyphs) and watch the movie. . But what’s the difference between 3D movies and ordinary movies? When you look at the glasses and watch the movie, you will encounter an undefined scene. Yes, you will see the film in 3D, as if the film is out of the monitor or TV screen and everything in the real world happens in front of your eyes. And that’s the ultimate excitement in watching a movie. Would you like to trim your favorite image like these films in 3D?
A very powerful Zoner 3D Photo Maker applicationWhich is made by Zoner software. With this software you can take your pictures in 3D. With this software, with its simple and powerful tool, using the tools available and creating the various effects this software gives you, your images can be easily trimmed. You can with this soft Powerful software to create 3D images from your photos and images. Due to the fact that various software in this field was produced and built. Like 3D Max and Maya, and … Due to the vast possibilities these software gives you, learning such software is a bit difficult. And in addition, it has a very high volume and requires powerful systems for running such software. In addition, the software is designed for users who are familiar with the software professionally and use it, and ordinary users and people who are not well-trained in this field can not use such programs. . After installing this software, you can create three-dimensional images by entering two of your photos and selecting them with special glasses. So the easy-to-use group will download this software for the benefit of those who are interested in making their images easily and easily transformed into beautiful and three-dimensional images.

Key features of the Zoner 3D Photo Maker software:
– Easy to use software and no need for special training
– Speed, precision and low volume
– Ability to create 3D images of ordinary images
– Create various effects on images
– Design varieties 3D models
– 3D image creation with just a few clicks
– Optimized for speed rendering of images
– Outstanding quality output
– Quick and easy access to tools
– Powerful AI in software for 3D images



software download direct link – 5.9 MB



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