Makeup Guide v2.2.5 – Makeup and face retouching software


One of the interests of users is the editing and arrangement of faces in the photos that can be done with various software. For example, Adobe Photoshop is a good option for professionals. But as you know, Photoshop has a tough job and if you’re new to it, it’s hard for you to work with Photoshop and you have to spend a lot of time working and it’s not clear what the result is.
For this reason, the easy-to-use group has introduced a variety of software to meet the users’ need for retouching and face design, and it is also intended to introduce a new software. The software we introduce is from Two Pilots, the company itself has produced various software for retouching and facial makeup, which will certainly introduce software in the easy open download from the company. The name of the software in this article Makeup GuideThe name implies its features. Users can easily arrange faces using this software. This application has 6 facial makeup tools. The first tool is a lipstick or lip color that is used for women’s makeup. With this tool you can change the color of the lips and certainly add to the beauty of the face. The next tool is Face Powder, which uses this tool to change the color of the face. The tool is a lash with which you can change the facial expressions and make them more beautiful. Eye Color (Eye Color) is another tool used to change the color of the eye, along with the Eye Shadow, along with the Eye Liner, are other tools that can help you shape your face. At the beginning, the software allows you to train as a work on a default photo, which you can find out how to work better with the Makeup Guide. Other side tools, such as writing text on a photo, resizing photos, cropping photos and fading tools in the software, and adjusting the contrast and brightness of the photo can fit all the tools you need to make faces. Easy to download This software is suitable for its powerful servers to be ready to download.

Key Features of the Makeup Guide:
– Easy to use software
– Eye color customization
tool – Eyeliner and eye shadow tool for facial makeup
– Ability to choose colors in all make-ups
– Have a lipstick change tool Lipstick
– Ability to change the face color using the powder form of the face
– Ability to regimen facial shapes with a lens tool
– Ability to adjust the contrast and brightness of the photo
– Have side effects to write text, resize and crop a photo
– Equipped with teaching any instrument in Software beginning



software download direct link – 3.89 MB



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