The Foundry Mari vThe Foundry Mari 4.2v1 x64 – 3D Texture Software


Adding texture to 3D images is one of the most common and very common techniques that have been used in many high quality and famous projects. The Assassins game and its characters, the very popular Crown movie series and the awesome movie Avatar are awesome examples of things that are used for texting and scrolling for 3D images. The Foundry MariThe name is a very popular and well-known software application in this area, all of which have been used with NUKE to enhance the quality of work. With ultra-modern capabilities, this software allows for highly advanced design. The ability to paint on images to create textures, create maps from textures, use professional layers in images, preview all activities in the form of The most famous features of The Foundry Mari are completely live and quality and processing images with various tools such as the V-Ray, which is well known in the field of 3D processing. Using the three new functions for color change, the highly functional changes in the OpenColorIO function, the ability to support and modify the functions of optical fonts, and … The ability to enter 3D models up to 1 million Polygon per model and, most importantly, support files The texture is incredibly large at 32,000 × 32,000 pixels.

The key features of The Foundry Mari software:
– Ability to create drawings for 3D images for creating textures
– Laying 3D images and previewing images
– Dragging images to create textures
– Ability to send and receive Photoshop files
– Processing Screenshots with popular software such as V-Ray
– Professional color management in the software and the use of Matte and Layered
– Support for moving models and Displacement display Realtime Real-time
– Ability to use new fonts, the use of sensitive pens weight, etc.
– no need to use multiple UV and UV-time drawing the threads on a body
– ability to use HDR hordes and OBJ file format
– install and run only on 64-bit platforms
– Compatible with various versions of the popular Microsoft Windows operating system



Download Direct Link Software – 529 MB



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