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TwistedBrush Pro StudioDigital coloring software with a complete set of natural design tools, oil, paste, charcoal and more. Excellent software without the complexity of design software for designers. Twisted Brush Pro Studio is still as easy for beginners as the simplicity and robustness of professional designers. This software has one of the most fluid and powerful engines in the pen and it’s still very easy to use. It has one of the most powerful and versatile graphics brush engines, while the first day is based on the principle of ease of use. The software has 5,000 image brushes, and also makes artists love their capabilities, including layouts, real media, image matching, tracking, masks, details, and more.

Twisted Brush Pro Studio Key Features:
– Workspace: Workspace in TwistedBrush designed to reduce the number of floating windows that cover your free coloring surface. More than 50 design pens, with a host of options for choosing colors and many other tools, are available with just one right click.
– High speed in use:TwistedBrush works much like a real book. When you run it, you’ll be ready to design or color in real time, like the book you have access to by opening it. When you’re done with a page, you can go to the next page. You do not even need to have a manual storage, and of course you can convert your images to any number of standard photo formats, such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TGA, TIFF, GIF, and so on.
– Page Explorer: Like a book’s endless source, TwistedBrush saves your work pages in books.More than 500 pages per book and an unlimited number of books mean that your design pages will never overflow! The page probe feature makes it easy for you to view and re-create pages in the books. You can even name a book if you want.
– Font selection: In each color-coding application, the core of the system lies in fonts. So easy access to fonts is the key to solving the puzzle. TwistedBrush has more than 2000 fonts. With font system shortcuts, pen content is always ready for you.
– Design Suite: The brush design kit is organized in groups of 60. There are several types of design collections, from standard tools to special collections, pattern pens, image frames, and more …
– Editing Design Suite:Creating your own pens and saving them in the design collections in this app is very easy. TwistedBrush Creator uses all the tools to create fonts and design collections. You can even create a set of fonts to your liking easily by creating a collection of design collections and choosing brushes from other collections. So if you want, you can do it just by pressing a key.
– Choosing colors: Choosing colors with a color scheme is another great benefit of this software. Plus, you can paint your favorite colors, create your favorite colored board. Choose the colors you want from the image, and even track the colors you want. The dynamic color board helps you choose colors, and you can also use the latest colors you’ve used.
Tools: All the tools you need are available on the toolbar. You can select your favorite gadgets by right-clicking the mouse. This means that design tools are always available and you will never need to re-select them.
– Layers: TwistedBrush includes an advanced system called layers. With them, you can turn your work into clear layers that allow you to edit and set options even at the end of the painting.
– Filter: A filter allows you to process all the images one by one. TwistedBrush has a wide range of image processing filters.
– script:By scripts, you can capture the color flow and run them from scratch to re-paint. This feature is valuable for educational purposes, animation products, and more.
– Brushes: Each pen in TwistedBrush can also be used as a stylus.
– Picture Fonts : Image Fonts are powerful tools for re-creating flow and touching working with real multimedia data. But it also allows you to apply extra coloring effects.
– And …

Added functionality in the new version:
– Quick command panel for quick access to current commands
– Automatically save masks with pages
– Auto-save mode Displayed and activated masks for pages
– Ctrl + Arrow key for page
scrolling – Setting the number of pages to number 1 when moving between pages
– Erase the mask using the File menu | New
– Insert icon for print capability on the menu bar
– Icon X In the page scanner in the previous version, it only deleted the last selected page instead of the selected pages. This problem is corrected in the new version
– when TwistedBrush was running, the scroll bar was not displayed by default. This problem has also been corrected.
– When the program encountered an incorrect TBR file in the previous version, it crashed the program. This bug has also been corrected in the new version



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