Download Cowon JetAudio v8.1.6.20701 Plus – Multimedia file player


Less user can be found with software called JetAudioNot to be acquainted. A super-complete software that can handle virtually all available audio and video formats as best as possible and with the ultimate in quality. Cowon JetAudio Media Center is the name of one of the most comprehensive software that can be used by users to play, manage and convert audio and video formats. This software, which is more like a bundle, has been the source of its versions for many years, and most users around the world prefer this tool to any other software because of its capabilities due to the size and space The system occupies a much more convenient place than similar tools. This is while JetAudio is able to run and display all the formats that exist. Playing all types of DVD movies with the best possible quality and ultimate in audio quality, which is especially important for users, is one of the most important things that are defined in all versions of this tool. This powerful tool, in addition to these, has a simple, yet attractive yet user-friendly interface, which can be easily accessed in all parts of the software in a simple environment. One user usually has a number of applications at this level, these desires can be found easily in JetAudio, converting audio files to each other, converting video formats and changing the quality and size of the image, the ability to burn the tablet Compressed audio, extract files from compact discs (Rip), support for multichannel sound output, and dozens of other small capabilities that can only be found with the software. The new version of this software is the only time it’s been presented, and we also put it on the easy-to-download servers for the reason that there are so many users who have chosen this tool as their first choice. This version has been modified several times. He sees that changing the user interface is one of them. We suggest that you get this version so you can easily run all your audio and video files.

Key features of the Cowon JetAudio software:
– Play music and video files
– Wake CDs and record audio and convert various files to each other
– Create Internet radio
– Support multichannel output sounds
– Equipped with a variety of beautiful Skin
– Capable of recording high-quality audio with all kinds of formats of the day in digital and analog methods
– Very fast and powerful conversion of audio and video files
– Installing various plugins
– Making and saving your favorite albums
– Adding beautiful skins For different tastes
– WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPEG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM, and video, and audio CD formats ”
– Re-read Music
– Convert audio formats to one another, as well as convert audio CD to popular formats
– Various sound effects
– Use the Bookmark options (location of each file)
– History (new file list)
– Equalizer and timer and Alarm
– Supports remote control system (such as MCE and StreamZap control devices)
– New system for managing video files (Album Manager + Explorer + Device Manager)
– Beautiful look with today’s tastes
– Compatible with versions Various Microsoft Windows operating systems


software download direct link – 67.9 MB



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