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If we go back a little back and recall the time when the first kind of DVDs came to the market, it might not be possible for us to find that during those relatively short times, those tablets that were exactly like CDs, and just the color behind it Instead of red in the purple, they were able to capture the computer market and the movie market. This process happened so fast that perhaps with the same little time, there is less one who can use the CD to watch movies. This is while the next generation of Sony-powered tablet holders is on its way. Blu-ray, with its mainstream defeat, HD-DVD, was able to make itself the next generation of tablets. Of course, in terms of data quality and volume, there is no comparison between DVD movies and Blu-ray movies. This change is almost the nature of the computer, and certainly after a while Blu-ray will place itself in another kind of tablet. Among the kind of technique called stereoscopic rose. This technique actually increases the art of filmmaking. Determining the 3D dimension in a completely natural way, poses this technique as the next generation of films. Stereoscopic PlayerThe name is a very simple player that provides 3D playback capabilities for users. With a lot of features and support for almost all formats, this software is able to become one of the best choices for users as a very lightweight player. It also has the ability to play DVDs, but it will be possible to have a separate docking device in the user’s operating system. The very interesting thing about this tool is that the Stereoscopic Player is able to capture movies in digital cameras or generally such devices. The software has a very simple user interface, but the backdrop of this simple environment has extraordinary features. With a very small amount of software, it can bring the best features for a professional user. At the manufacturer’s site, a 3D video sample that can change the user’s perspective about the movie is placed. We suggest you try Stereoscopic Player.

Key features of the Stereoscopic Player software:
– Ability to run and, of course, to decompress audio formats such as Windows Media multichannel; 
– Very simple user interface; 
– All common formats playback; 
– DVD playback capability; 
– Left unlock capability; Right movies 
– Full support for next-generation videos 
– High quality display 
– Live playback of audio and video systems such as a Tv card 
– Video Library capability to categorize videos 
– Remote control support for software 
– Very small volume compared to super performance 
– 3D playback capabilities 
– Compatible with different versions of the system. Amal likes Microsoft Windows 


software download direct link – 58 MB



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