Download TS-Doctor v1.2.184 – Software for editing and repairing recorded files from TV receivers

TS-DoctorA multipurpose software that is used to review, edit and modify image files recorded by digital receivers such as DVB-T and Sat-Cable. This high-end application and a variety of tools available to the user allows you to make edits such as video cropping, alignment, sound deletion, trick removal, format conversion, video pack analysis. Enable playback and many other tools available on your video. In this program, video output from DVB, ATSC, SD-TV, HD-TV, UHD-TV, DVB-Radio, and AVCHD devices can be processed, as well as TS-Doctor-compatible formats include TS, M2TS, M2T , MTS, DVR, TS4, REC, TP, TPO, TRP, uvm, which can eventually be converted to popular formats such as MKV, DVR, AVCHD and Bluray to play these videos on other devices.

Some of the key features of the TS-Doctor software are:
– Supports MTS, TS, and M2TS
– compliant digital cameras – Ability to edit, modify, and change the format of recorded videos by digital receivers
– Ability to delete or convert subtitles SRT format
– Ability to reduce video volume without compromising quality
– Supports most satellite receivers
– Possibility to align or cut video
– Support for live languages
– Controlling internal recording with the highest quality
– Simple environment for beginners
– automatically delete inappropriate and unnecessary content of the video
– Compatible with different versions of Microsoft’s popular operating system


software download direct link – 8.2 MB





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