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There’s no doubt that you’ve got to manage the system remotely and access the files and information on it. In the first step, most users will move their minds towards the Windows Remote Desktop application, and this software will appeal to them. Although this software is one of the first programs in the field of remote control, today there are problems that can be mentioned, namely slow speed and low speed, which most users complain of. Before the introduction of the soft AnyDesk software generally, users were more proficient than the TeamViewer program, which unfortunately has recently blocked Iranian users’ access to this application. If you are looking for comprehensive software to control remote systems, we offer you AnyDesk software. The core of AnyDesk is DeskRT, a new video codec designed specifically for the GUI. That’s why AnyDesk has had a leap ahead of its rivals. AnyDesk is the fastest desktop software and remote control system on the market. He allows you to apply new scenarios and applications that are not possible with the current desktop software. Use AnyDesk software from your personal computer anywhere and effortlessly.

Key Features of AnyDesk Software:
– The ability to transfer multimedia files and documents
– Use TLS1.2-based encryption system
– Convenient replacement for the popular TeamViewer software
– Use the DeskRT codec for better image quality
– Have a portable (portable) Carry)
– Free version for personal and non-commercial use
– Low volume and ultra-lightweight and fast
– 60 frames per second transfer
– Minimum possible latency in Internet communication
– Suitable bandwidth usage
– Control of one or more computers remote
– hassle-free access to their personal computer from any location
– high reliability
– Share content Your Kypbvrd memory between the two systems


Download software version v5.5.2 with direct link – 3 MB
Download software version v4.3 with direct link – 2 MB


Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRarremove the files from the compressed state.
– The software is free and after installation and run it can be used without limitation.


Manufacturer: AnyDesk Software GmbH –
English name: AnyDesk

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