Download Ammyy Admin Premium + Corporate v3.5 – System Remote Control Software


Software Ammyy Admin is a powerful tool to control the computer remotely. If you have worked with similar software like TeamViewer, you will be familiar with how the software works. This application does not require registration to use the features. Just enter the computer ID you want to connect to. Then, after receiving permission from the user against the software to the computer’s desktop, it connects in less than 20 seconds. The software is encrypted using an advanced AES + RSA algorithm. So users can experience a very secure and fast connection. In addition to the features listed, the software also allows the parties to chat (in audio). Application of such software is usually for communication with other users in order to solve computer problems.

Key Features of Ammyy Admin:
– Fast and easy to share desktop
– No need to sign up for software usage
– Very high security in using AES + RSA secure encryption software
– High speed and compatibility with all types of connections
– Voice communication between users
– Full server management
– Remote task control without installation
– Remote server control and file management
– Limit remote
functionality – Ability to change settings based on speed
– Ability to send and receive files between two systems
– Ability to simultaneously connect multiple users
– Optimized execution of tasks based on speed automatically


Direct Link Software – 1.1 MB



Manufacturer: Ammyy – 
English Name: Ammyy Admin 
Price: $ 99.90 (for information only) 
Version: v3.5 
File size: 1.1 MB 

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