Download Audacity v2.4.0 – audio file editing software


An audacity is a free tool for editing and editing music that allows users to capture audio and edit them to get different outputs. Having different audio effects, extracting music from different types of inputs, and extracting output in different shapes can be considered as one of the key features of this tool. Support for a variety of audio formats, high-quality storage, high-quality storage. Customization, mixing multiple audio files to get single music, simple use of software, and, ultimately, a very simple graphical interface can be considered as one of the key features of this tool.

Key Features of Audacity Software:
– Editing audio files with multiple features
– Supports a variety of audio formats
– Ability to save high quality music
– Ability to record audio from input types
– Ability to enjoy a variety of audio effects
– Simple graphical interface software


software download direct link –  26.8 MB


Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRarremove the files from the compressed state.
– The software is free and after installation and run it can be used without limitation.


Manufacturer: Audacity –
English name: Audacity
version: v2.3.0
File Size: 25.3 MB

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