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One of the most common problems encountered by users in computer networks is the lack of communication in the various environments. For example, users who are connected in the network environment (not in the Internet environment) are usually not able to communicate with each other using Windows itself; of course, a simple messenger is embedded in the Windows itself, but the simple problem is simple. Being overly abundant is that it offers users a very simple way to send and receive messages. But a messenger called BigAnt Office Messenger, designed for network environments, can easily solve many problems. A simple tool that allows users to use full security and compatibility with a variety of networks to allow voice and video chat and text messaging in the network environment without the need to have the Internet.
A simple and small tool that also helps network administrators install software on the server system to configure it for all the so-called clients; that is, administrators in the network can manage the users in relation to chat, and the texts they submit To view. This tool also has many other features: Send and receive files, voice and video chat at a very fast speed according to the type of network, remote desktop through the software, free licenses up to 10 systems in a network environment and, of course, the user interface is awesome and User-friendly features are also featured in BigAnt Office Messenger.

Key Features of BigAnt Office Messenger:
– Awesome interface
– No need for the Internet
– Manage managers on the network on Messenger
– Ability to send and receive files
– Voice and video chat
– Remote desktop option
– Install and run free up to 10 systems in network environment
– High speed connections


Download Direct Download – 8.40 MB | Help link – Free download server with direct link – 10.6 MB | Help link – the client version


Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state. 
– This software is free for 10 clients. 
– Server and client versions are individually placed on the site.


Manufacturer: BigAnt Messenger for Enterprise 
Price: Free 
File Size: 100 MB 

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