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It is always a matter of choosing which multimedia software to choose from. There are a lot of software in the field, but which one can alone address all the needs of a beginner or professional user is a point that most users pay special attention to. Blaze Media Pro is thename we want to introduce today and the ability to keep abreast can be a safe assurance for any user .
MultiMedia Blaze Media Pro is one of the most powerful management software for multimedia files. The player has the ability to convert the formats to one another. Certified editorial, different phonographs and support for all formats are only part of the capabilities of this software. In general, there is less software that can accommodate all of this. This software burns all types of CDs with different volumes. Of course, it is able to pull out audio and video files that have been trapped on the same compact disc. Performs the recording of the sound with the best possible quality. The Blae Media Pro will also feature DVD quality videos, making it even more comfortable for users. But the so-called user friendly software environment can be one of the reasons for its success. Supports audio formats such as CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, MPEG-4, AIFF, M4A, AAC, AC3, FLAC, and ALAC and video formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, ASF, Flash (SWF and FLV), iPod, PSP, 3GP, and MOV, and from the user interface both beginners and Both professionals will enjoy. In one sentence, Blaze Media Pro can be the most powerful software to do your work in the field of multimedia.

Key features of the Blaze Media Pro software:
– Supports all available audio and video formats 
– Burn music as audio CDs 
– Convert audio formats to one another with the ability to specify quality 
– Relatively professional music editing 
– Voice recording with Best quality 
– Wright of all types of CDs 
– Ability to remove music from compact discs 
– Convert video formats to each other with the ability to adjust output quality 
– Video 
editing capabilities – Ability to edit music and video tags 
– Multiple effects for use in editing music 
– beautiful effects for editing video 
– capturing (recording) images of Rudy and different devices 
– compressed video and music without distortion
– Combine multiple music or video together 
– Capture images from videos and save as desired 
– Slideshows or video from images 
– Converts video formats to Europe and America 
– Easy to use software 


Direct Link Software – 25.8 MB


Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state. 
– Before installing the software, disconnect your internet connection and then install the software. 
– In the final step, remove the tick for execution of the program and, if the software is running, by right-clicking on the program icon in the taskbar, exit the application clock. 
– Copy the contents of the Cracked file folder to the location of the software and replace the previous files. 
– Run the software and use it without limitation. 

Software installation location: The installation location folder is usually located in the Windows drive and in the Program Files folder. You can also find the installation location by using this method:
– In Windows XP: After installation, right-click on the Shortcut software in the Start menu and click Properties, and then click Find Target. 
– In Windows 7: After installation, right-click on the Shortcut tool in the Start menu and click on the Open file location option. 
– On Windows 8: After installation, right-click on the Shortcut on the Start Screen and click on the Open file location option, in the window that opens, right-click on the Shortcut software and click Open file location click. 
– On Windows 10: After installation, right-click on the shortcut in the Start menu and click on the Open file location option, in the window that opens, right-click on the Shortcut software and click on the Open file location button. do.


Manufacturer: Mystik Media – 
English Name: Blaze Media Pro 
Price: $ 50 (for information only!) 
Version: v9.10 
File Size: 25.8 MB 

required system

Class 800 MHz processor or better Pentium 
• Windows® 98 SE / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / 7 (32 and 64-bit) 
• 1 GB RAM (More RAM may be required for audio and video editing of large files) 
• 30 MB HD 
• SVGA or higher resolution display 
• 4x or better CD-ROM


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