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FTP communication protocol is one of the most common portals for users and site administrators. In order to communicate with the servers that use the FTP port, it is necessary to use software so that it can be easily used and sometimes downloaded files. For this purpose, we have software called CoffeeCup Direct FTPWe propose that at the same time, it is very efficient and powerful, and because of its many features, almost everyone can use its facilities to upload their files from the local environment to the server. Features such as editing Direct files and web pages, the correct editor for most scripting languages, compatible with almost all protocols, file uploads quick and easy, changing access levels and dozens of other features can be found in the new version of CoffeeCup Direct FTP clearly. witnessed. Considering the great size of this software, we recommend that you use it. 

Key Features of CoffeeCup Direct FTP:
– Compatible with almost all protocols 
– Simple file and web page editing 
– High speed uploading of server contents 
– Preview of images on the server.
– Ability to create separate users 
– Ability to change the level of access 
– Very simple and fast download and upload 
– Simple but attractive interface 
– Powerful software guide for editing web pages 


software download direct link – 5.4 MB



Manufacturer: Coffeecup – 
English Name: Direct FTP 
Price: US $ 39 (for information only!) 
Version: v6.9 
File Size: 5.4 MB 

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