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Chat messenger with chat messenger can enjoy the power of a fast, modern connection on your mobile phone, tablet, and computer. In any situation, you can connect to your chat account only with Internet access; stay in touch with your friends and get the world of information, services, and entertainment. By visiting the Chat, Information, Services, Entertainment section, you can enable the game, entertainment, content or service you want, and enjoy the quick and easy access to your favorite credentials. Compete with your friends in chat games and experience the excitement of a great competition.

Information, services, games and entertainment
Chat messenger provides you with a world of useful information, useful services, entertainment and entertainment. In chat messenger, you can select the content or topic you want and experience the enjoyment of quick and easy access to the desired information. Compete with your friends in online poker games and challenge them.

Chatting with two groups and creating
a chat messenger group ; By providing a variety of platforms, such as Android, iOS, and the web version, it allows you to always have chat messengers at any given time. Chat with your friends in a dual-band or group with high-speed, ease of access, and a fascinating chat-interface.

Send photos and videos
Undoubtedly, text conversations and chat alone alone are not attractive enough and in the long run are boring. In chat messenger, you can send photos, videos, stickers and more to your friends as quickly as possible and enjoy the fun moments. The experience of this feature in chat will be much friendlier to you.

instant messaging chat applications and services areas of gaming and entertainment world of possibilities available to you. In chat messenger you can easily launch your virtual store and start selling your products and services. Do not worry about paying for it, because the wallet is always there for you to conveniently use a secure door to manage your services and stores.

Your wallet
You can charge your account using various wallet chats and make various payments. Shopping from stores, participating in festivals and contests, the use of certain features of the game and hundreds of other possibilities are all in your wallet.

Sending and requesting a
cash request form on the chat platform, you can use this to create a billing chat and send it to friends and family. The items used in this service include receiving dangers, reminders and installments for family credit cards, and charging for a building. Activities of the good and so forth.

Send the sticker
to the chat messenger; share your feelings with your friends using the cool stickers designed specifically for this messenger.

Change the shell to your choice
In chat messenger, you can easily select and apply attractive and enjoyable skins to your choice. Chat messenger provides prominent skins for everything in the messenger environment to your liking.

Creating a password for anonymous people
on the chat messenger; you can easily use the most advanced encryption methods to request a password when logging in to the chat messenger and ensuring that others are not able to


The password for opening the compressed file is 



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English name: Gap Desktop

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