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As a cross-platform app available on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and the browser, it’s a messaging IP messenger that allows you to chat and chat in a secure environment. Let me begin by addressing the distinction and winning IP address, a high security that comes with a combination of advanced AES 256-Bit encryption algorithms and RSA 2048-Bit. Integrated content protection by these two algorithms means that not only third-party users, but even the developers themselves, can not access your private conversations, and this is the first feature we see in an Iranian messenger.
Fast: IGP is one of the fastest messenger programs on the market, connecting with people through a unique distribution network from data centers around the world.

Sync:You can access messages on all your devices in the same way. Start typing on your mobile phone and proceed with the end of the message from your tablet or laptop. Your information will never be lost.

Unlimited: You can send your files without any restrictions on the type and size. Keep your chat history up-to-the-minute with IP chat and you’ll have access to it whenever and wherever you need it.

Secure: One of our main goals in this program is to maintain data security and user data exchange, hence all the chats, groups, channels, etc., using the combination of AES256 symmetric encryption and RS485 RS485 SSL Encrypt.

powerful :You can create up to 5,000 group chat groups and start sharing great movies, documents of any kind (files, music, zip, etc.), this tool is useful for teamwork and teamwork.

Simple: While IGP has brought together a host of unprecedented features, we are taking care to keep the interface easy. With its minimalist design.

Unlimited cloud space: Upload files and / or content to your content without limiting the file type or volume in your cloud space, and wherever you go.

Voice Calling: You can secure voice calls and save costs on IP chat with other people who have IP chat, voice calls are P2P IP and even IP gateway servers do not interfere with your voice transfer


download version of Windows with a direct link

download the Android version with direct links
to download the version of Linux with a direct link
to download the web version link



Manufacturer: iGap –
English Name: iGap
Rating: 4.0


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