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Despite upload restrictions for users on the Internet and high prices, the user does not upload files to share. On the other hand, free servers have made many restrictions for users, including waiting time to download or upload restrictions, and more. With the introduction of file sharing software, this problem has been solved for users, and nobody needs to have time to upload, just a few clicks to share files within your system with millions around the world. Of course, with the addition of file-sharing and sharing sites such as Rapidshare, file sharing programs have somewhat lost their popularity. But you can still find valuable files with these programs, scalable files that you will never find on different sites. LimewireThe fastest file sharing application in the world! With this software you can access a huge amount of Tiff, Jpg, Avi, Mp3 files, search your files or share your files with other users. The features of this software can be easily implemented, run on different operating systems, support various languages ​​and …. This software has specific rules for sharing and copyright, and defends the rights of the child, and any immoral movie in this case will be removed by its management, but there is no limit to it for users. It also has a completely Farsi environments program that helps a lot of Iranian users.

Key features of the LimeWire Pro software:
– Search capabilities based on the name of the reader, album, genre and year of the production of a music
– Very simple, just install the app, run it and search
– Connect directly to a computer without mediation
– Ability to search multiple file types simultaneously
– Have fast servers for fast downloads
– Completely clean And without spyware and malware
– Get started and download faster than ever using UDP Host Caches technology
– Integrate LimeWare with iTunes
– Search thousands of users on the Internet
– Use Universal Plug \ ‘N Play to deliver results. More to search and boost download speed
– Ability to capture files from multiple different sources to increase download speed
– Chat functionality
Share with other users on the network – Share files and folders
– Super high download speed
– High security with a powerful firewall
– Applicable to operating systems: Linux, Macintosh, Windows
– Supports most languages ​​in the world
– Ability to use different skins


software download direct link – 23.4 MB



Manufacturer: Limewire Pro – 
English name: LimeWire Pro 
Price: $ 34.95 (for information only!) 
Version: v5.4.8.1 
File Size: 23.4 MB 

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