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Perhaps many times you’ve come to know that you want to know about the subject matter and the content of other people’s online chat, and for this you have to register and record the conversations of network users and, when necessary, put. But although this practice is in fact a spy and in general contrary to the privacy laws of the users, it is sometimes the only way to maintain network security and discover the purpose of users on the network.
Now, you might have been looking for a variety of ways to do this, none of which could have brought you the desired result. But now the easy-to-download download group has provided a very useful and useful software for your dear friends, so you can easily record and record all the actions your users have done with different types of messengers. Messenger DetectProvided by Formessengers, software is software that has been able to easily and completely secretly, without the need to install the program on network clients, to record all the conversations of MSN, Yahoo, AOL and ICQ, and logs Save them as you see in the software, based on the time and date. In addition, you can prevent other people from accessing the program by using the password to configure it and even search and edit logs in the dialogs and save them in RTF format. Please

Key Features of Messenger Detect:
– View and save MSN, Yahoo, AOL and ICQ messenger conversations
– Use Speech Engine to read chat messages
– Export messages and save them easily. RTF format
– The ability to directly edit the logs in the software
– Ability to search among program logs and saved chats
– Ability to use different and colorful themes (15 different colors)
– Automatically and secretly run the program when the system starts.
– No need to install the program on network clients
– Ability to record conversations fully with the same font and color written and even record smileys
– Ability to insert time and history of conversation
– With a beautiful and simple interface for easy use software
– saving automatic online dialogue as seen in the application form
– protect people’s access to the application settings to use Sharing the password on it


software with Direct Link – 2.7 MB


Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar software, remove the files from the compressed state. 
– Before installing the software, disconnect your Internet connection and then install the software. 
– At the final step, remove the tick related to running the program and, if executed, right-click on the program icon in the Taskbar next to the clock to exit the application. 
– The application is running and prompts you for the password, which you should enter the desired password. 
– Now the program will give you an instant message to activate the application and you will click on the Try option to install the program as a trilogy.
– Now close the program and copy and paste the contents of the Patch folder at the software installation location and click on the patch button and in the opened window select MessengerDetect.exe. 
– Run Keygen from the Keygen folder. 
– Now run the software. The software asks you for the password that you enter the password you have previously selected and click on the Ok button and copy the product ID in the opened window and in Keygen Enter and click the Generate button. Now click the Activate button in the software window and click on the Yes button in the opened window, there is no need to complete the popup information, click on the button that the key image is hacked and Enter the received Redistration Code from Keygen in the opened window to allow the software to successfully register.
– Run the software and use it without limitation.


Manufacturer: Formessengers – 
English Name: Messenger Detect 
Price: $ 29.95 (for information only!) 
Version: v4.0.5.1 
File Size: 2.7 MB 

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