Download oCam Screen Recorder Pro v480.0 – Photo and movie software from desktop and gaming


oCam Screen Recorder is a powerful and powerful application for taking photos and videos from the desktop. Simple, yet efficient, software that can produce high quality photos and videos from the desktop, providing users with many features. Due to its simple design and low volume of software, oCam features are easy to use. Benefited. This software is completely free and does not require cracking, which is why it can be used for all computer systems. 

Key features of the oCam software:
Capture and capture video from the desktop – Save videos and photos of the best quality 
– Soft and low volume software 
– Simple and user-friendly working environment 
– Compatible with different operating system versions. Popular Microsoft Window


Direct Link Software – 10 MB



Manufacturer: Ohsoft – 
English name: oCam 
Version: V480.0 
File size: 10 MB 
Author: R. kindness 
Published: 12:35 – 01-06-2019 – (11/03/1398) 
Rating: 4.0

The password for opening the compressed file is 

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