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The Sorush messenger is an Iranian messenger software with official versions of Android and iOS for smart phones, and trial versions for Windows, Mac and Linux for PCs. After the telegraphy became widespread in Iran, the software was one of the messengers offered as a telegram alternative. This software is supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Company and the majority of the company’s shares are owned by Voice and Television.

Free mobile internet and Irancell for Soroush! 
With Soroush’s messenger, you no longer need to pay for the Internet and you can save for one year the cost you paid for the messenger Internet!

Free Voice Call Voice
Call in Soroush is really FREE!
Other messengers argued that our voice call is free, but the user consumes the volume of his Internet after making voice calls with the messenger; if Soroush’s entourages if the user is one of the first mobile operators or Irancell for one year They can use and enjoy Soroush’s voice call without paying a rial.

Unlimited cloud space
No matter what volume your files are. It’s important that you can upload your files in bulk using Soroush indefinitely. You can also save your files to Soroosh cloud so that you can easily access them anywhere.

Trust in Soroush’s family is priced and just honest. Privacy and security of your information is important to us, and we will not make any efforts to improve the service in this area


Download Windows Version Direct Link

Download Android Version with Direct Link
Download Direct Link Download Linux Version Direct Link
Download Macintosh Direct Link



Manufacturer: Soroush –
English name: Soroush Desktop
Version: v0.13.3
File size: 12.4 MB

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