Download SpeedyFox v2.0.25 Build 130 – Speed ​​up Firefox and Chrome software


SpeedyFoxSoftware for speeding up Firefox and Chrome. There are many people who use the popular Firefox browser, which has many features and popular browser extensions. But it has also come to your notice that after a while the software has slowed down, this slowdown will depend on a number of factors, including the increase of Internet cookies and SQLITE databases, which have a huge impact on speed The Firefox browser has it. That’s why there’s a small, free, and free utility for speeding up your Firefox, which is known as the Fake Tizero. This software is able to speed up the implementation of Firefox and other related processes by optimizing Firefox cookie settings and compressing SQLITE databases. This software is completely safe and does not have any bookmarks, password management, and other security options in your Firefox browser, and you can use it safely. Using this software is very simple.

Key features of SpeedyFox software:
– Ability to increase the speed of Firefox and Chrome
– Optimize the settings of Firefox cookies
– Capable of compressing SQLITE databases
– No access to bookmarks settings, password management and other security options
– Fully secure software with Simple software environment


software download direct link – 0.675 MB

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