Download SPlayer v3.7 – Execute audio and video formats


SPlayer The software is very simple but powerful to play audio and video files. A simple environment along with high-quality video display is the most important feature that is clearly seen in this small software. A completely free tool for displaying videos with almost all commonly used formats that are used at various levels. Playing all kinds of formats for mobile phones, DVDs, DVDs, and popular formats that are used today make SPlayer a popular tool. More than 1 million registered users of this tool Use to play your audio and video files. It’s not bad for you to be one of the users of this tool to take advantage of its seemingly simple but powerful features. High-speed movie playback and optimized for all existing hardware are two factors that are important for professional users, these two factors are defined in SPlayer. Full synchronization of images with subtitles is another important feature of this software. An interesting comparison on the manufacturer’s site is between this tool and some other popular software that is not a pleasure to see this table.

Key features of the SPlayer software :
– Simple software interface
– Ease of use of the software
– High speed on run and playback
– Full subtitle synchronization with video images
– Supports most available formats
– Full image optimization for Show all details
– Low volume of software
– Possibility to use Portable



Download with direct link – 7.85 MB





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