Download Winamp Pro v5.66 Build 3512 – Powerful music and movie playback software


WinampOne of the oldest and most powerful audio and video player software ever since, it has been countless users and has been added to its users by its many features. The popular and powerful player that has seen a lot of changes from the past, either externally or in terms of adding other features, has made tremendous progress. Winamp, which now features a new version, in addition to supporting almost all audio formats, is also able to play the role of a professional video player and display the movie. There are a variety of audio and video plugins to enhance the quality of software output, different layouts for various tastes, super easy use of software, the implementation of compact discs with support for various formats and dozens of other features that Winamp Pro provides its users with only the main parts of this tool. It’s not bad for you to try this gadget for at least one occasion so you can become your fans forever.

Key features of the Winamp Pro software:
– Supports a large number of audio and video formats
– Supports modern and classic
– Ability to change the color of the skins – Visualization display
– Full compatibility with Winamp 2 Plug-ins
– Support for Effect Plugin -in Sound
– Dance with attractive and beautiful lights – Utilize
an advanced Media Library
– Support for Internet radio and TV
– Convert CD ripping
– Copy music to compact discs
– Graphical user interface completely change Find
– Multiple and concurrent support for lateral gadgets
– Access and share music and video through Winamp Remote
– Play and create playlists. From the best music of the day to the world through Media Monitor
– Get music artist information, concerts, new videos and more … Through Smart Search
– Enjoy MP3 surround sound
– Access thousands of radio stations and video channels
– Winamp playback control by installing the Winamp toolbar plugin in Browser



software download direct link – 16.7 MB




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