Download XMPlay v3.8.0.5 – Music Player


Although the world of computer software has progressed, and the broadcast of music today is a very common practice, and almost all software with facilities can play all formats, but still software that can be considered with the attention Take advantage of the features they have. XMPlay is a software program that runs at very low volumes and less than 1 megabyte without installing almost all common audio formats.
The graphical interface of this software is completely customizable and it is easy to remove all parts of it or add to the software again. Using this software is incredibly easy and can be used without the need for installation. Setting the output quality is very convenient, adding audio files to the software playable list, the ability to add different skins to the software, and the ability to play compressed music, among other features that are featured in XMPlay.

Key features of XMPlay software:
– Music playback with the best possible quality
– Supports various audio formats
– Ability to play compressed music
– Very interesting and fully customizable graphics interface
– Ease of use of all software features
– Support for various standards
– High quality software in the output sound
– Supports multi-channel sounds
– Free and no need to install software



software download direct link – 0.364 MB




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