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There is no doubt that if even today’s most Internet users will be asked what’s the most popular and, at the same time, the most powerful Messenger app in the world, all Yahoo MessengernamesWill be mentioned. This has been a powerful bridge for many years, which is being launched by Yahoo and added to its fans and users every day to the point where today, perhaps less software that can be found in the field of Internet communication has become so popular. Of course, this degree of popularity has come about since the capabilities of this tool have been increased to the point where today’s can see dozens of features in this software seemingly simple. Small and large capabilities that make it easier to communicate with Friends help. Yahoo Messenger has plenty of features; an attractive environment for users is one of the reasons why this messenger is so popular. The chat rooms, which are no longer a matter for discussion, because different countries have separate room for themselves. Very beautiful skulls can be the right answer for the other side. Users can interact in this messenger in a number of ways. Communication through the phone, typing the text is the most common type of communication. Sending files, sharing pictures, sharing videos, beautiful avatars, sharing webcams, as well as watching others webcams, faster access to e-mail, … The most important features of this very popular and famous Messenger Are. These are the ones that have come up with a lot of variations in various versions of Yahoo. The new version introduced today and recently, and as the first download site, is the final version of Yahoo Messenger. The ability to select different languages ​​is the most important feature that is included in the new version; relatively limited appearance variations, although not much, but will improve their capabilities over time. A faster access to the Yahoo Profile that replaces Yahoo 360 is another feature of this popular tool, along with a more complete integration with other messengers like MSN Messenger and Google Talk. High-quality video connectivity and the ability to view new updates from Add Lists are two features that look great in the 11th edition. The final point, though, is that the software is completely free, but it’s almost impossible for Iranians to get direct access to Yahoo servers, but we will give this version to you dear users so you can easily get it. .

Key Features of Yahoo! Software Messenger:
– Possibility to display Addlist updates
– High quality video display and communication
– Changes in the software interface in version 11
– Video sharing in the chat window from popular video sharing sites
– How to get a new statue And the ability to use emoticons in the Status section
– Automatically scans moving files with Norton’s powerful antivirus
– Capture screen and send direct friends instantly
– View Flicker photos as a slideshow
– This messenger is common In the virtual world of the Internet
– Added nice and awesome emoticons to the software
– Connect with handsets Mobile phone with Dialer included in the software
– New plugins displaying the temperature of the selected region, radio and …
– Beautiful emoticons
– Added a tab to the page of templates
– Sharing images
– Sharing videos
– Added the menu for the latest connections
– Instant messaging
– Instant messaging through voice chat
– Sending SMS to mobile
– Easier access to e
– mail – Conferencing and chat simultaneously between several people
– Compatible with MSN Messenger and Google Talk
– New and attractive skins
– Send SMS to mobile phones friends
– Send and transfer files up to 2 GB
– easier access to Yahoo Profile
– view your webcam and web sharing
– are The store information and chats Done
– Beautiful views of the statues
– Better software graphics and Add Lists
– Instant messaging and phone
– Ability to separate Add Lists as you like
– High security in communication and sending files
– Extremely attractive user interface
– High speed Communicating


software download direct link – 17.4 MB



Manufacturer: Yahoo – 
English Name: Yahoo! Messenger 
Version: v11.5.0.228 
File Size: 17.4 MB 

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