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Fedora is a Linux-based operating system, a suite of software that employs your computer. You can install Fedora among other operating systems like Microsoft Windows ™ or Mac OS X ™, or use Fedora instead. You can enjoy Fedora at no cost and share it with others. Entertainment and Media Features:
See how Fedora can help you turn your computer into a media and entertainment center.
– Totem Video Player:
The Totem video playback program is capable of playing a variety of video formats such as CDs, DVDs and Widgets. There are many extensions for Totem that allow you to extend your experience: a YouTube plug-in to view YouTube videos without the need for a browser; a UPNP / DLNA plug-in so you can play files from your home media server; and a publisher Allows you to share your listings with other network users. You can also use Totem to play Internet videos.
– Sound Recorder with Sound Recorder:
Sound Recorder is capable of playing and recording flac and oga (OGG audio format) and wav.
– Play podcast and music with Rhythmbox:
The Rhythmbox is capable of broadcasting CDs, Internet radio and podcasts, as well as a music collector manager. Not only can you play music from your hard drive, but you can share your music with other networked computers via DAAP or UPNP / DLNA. Do you plan to share your music from your Fedora laptop with your PlayStation 3? It is fully usable with UPNP. Rhythmbox also has extensions for and Jamendo (music licensed under Creative Commons) as well as Magnatune.
With Rhythmbox, you can manage your podcast membership, and you can also sync your music and podcasts with your portable music player.
– Sound Recorder with Sound Recorder:
Sound Recorder is capable of playing and recording flac and oga (OGG audio format) and wav.
Extracting CDs with Sound Juicer:
Sound Juicer lets you extract audio files from CDs and convert them to playable formats on your computer. It also supports CD playback.
– CD or DVD maker: There is
a Fedora CD or DVD burning software that works on CDs and DVDs when you place a raw disk in your drive.
– Cheese photography kiosk: The Cheese
kiosk and camcorder are capable of capturing and capturing video through your webcam. Live effects to your photos!
– Shotwell Image Manager:
Shotwell allows you to import, organize, edit and publish your images. This program is able to publish directly to Flickr and Picassa. It’s easy to share your photos with Shotwell.

Communication facilities:
These days, computers deal with communications very much, and Fedora is no exception. Below, see how Fedora can help your communications.
– Email, Calendar, and more. Evolution:
Evolution is a powerful and powerful email program. In addition to Evolution email, it includes calendar, status manager, diary system and phone book. Evolution supports viewing and connecting with various calendar, phone and task manager services, such as Yahoo Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Remember the Milk. So, it can work well with any existing service in the online world. You can even install an RSS reader as needed. You can add different users to Evolution and you can search among them if you are not sure where your message is.
– Voice and video chat with Empathy:
Empathy is an instant messenger (IM) tool that can connect to Gmail, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Jabber, and other instant messengers and chat. Empathty is an Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service for Jabber-based services and video chat that Provides support for services such as Google Talk. Empathy is powerful and you can customize it easily. For example, Empathy is compatible with many Adium chat themes, so you can easily customize your chat window. (See a list of available themes here.) Empathy is also linked to Rythmbox and you can tune in the music you’re playing as your current state of Empathy and share your personal interests with your friends.
– Personal File Sharing:
Connect to public files shared on a network and share your files. You can also share it via bluetooth.
– Tweets and Dont with Gwibber: Send
Tweets to Twitter and Dont to the Identity – Even send your updates to Facebook, all with just one software! Check out all your friends on social networks with a feed.
– Remote Desktop:
Connect remotely to your friend’s desktop, or set your desktop as a server and connect to it when traveling with your laptop.

Innovative Features:
Need to express your art? Fedora has a treasure trove of professional tools that create thousands of ways to create art! True, many of these devices support Wacom’s auto-sensitivity sensitivity, so if you have a tablet, there’s something to expect from you!
– Gimp Image Editor:
GIMP is a photo editing tool with many features. You can easily use it for simple tasks such as cutting pictures, resizing, and red-eye correction, or in its advanced features such as image manipulation, digital coloring, animation and special effects.
– Inkscape, Vector Vector Editor:
Incscape is a tool for creating and editing vector-based vector images. This tool is fantastic for designing a logo and cartoon. The tool can also be used to create single document content, create icons, generate pattern and text effects.
– Scribus:
Scribus is a powerful multi-screen makeup tool. Get newspapers, posters and more with this tool.
– Choose the color palette with Agave:
Agave is a color palette. This tool allows you to make and coordinate coordinated color palettes along with the color you choose.
– Simple Scan:
Have plenty of notes, sketches and paper charts? Simple Scan makes it easy to digitize them.
– 3D Blender studio:
One of the fans of 3D games and movies and you’re looking to build one of them? Try the blender. A set of 3D content creation tools. Move, Styled, Render, Composite …
– MyPaint Digital Design Office:
Create beautiful designs with MyPaint. MyPaint is a tool full of paint brushes, pencils, and many other effects. Design and paint with a natural sense in the digital world.
– PiTiVi Movie Editor:
PiTiVi is a linear film editing tool. Insert your videos from your camera or mobile device, and cut it and add the clip and add audio.
– Audacity
Audacity Editor : Audacity is a multi-line voice editor. Record, edit, display and …

Office features and productivity
Do you have a lot of work and need to focus and manage your time? Does Fedora come to work? Sure.
Hamster time follower tool:
Tell the hamster what you’re doing, and it’s scheduling your tool and reminds you at different times to keep you away! This tool also generates weekly reports so you can evaluate how to handle each week.
– Notes with Gnote:
Gnote is a notebook that allows you to create a personal database of your notes and keep track of what you have not done. This tool works well with your desktop. Gnote automatically saves your notes and has a powerful search environment.
– LibreOffice Writer:
LibreOffice Writer is a free word processor that allows you to open, create, edit and print digital documents. The software also has the ability to create PDFs and can also open and save to Microsoft’s formats.
– LibreOffice Impress:
Open, create, or edit slideshows with LibreOffice Impress. Add art effects and download artwork. You can also easily convert slideshows to PDF.
– LibreOffice Calc:
Part of the LibreOffice suite, Calc is a widespread advanced software application. You can process numbers or just sort your information.
– Identify text with GScan2PDF:
Scanning documents in PDF format is easy, but can you search for them in their content? Gscan2PDF uses visual recognition software to scan PDFs and convert images to text.
Vym VM: Do you have
a complex project and need to organize your thoughts and direct them to different parts of the project? Try Vym, a tool for pointing your thoughts as easily as possible.

Desktop Basis: There are
some basic tools in your desktop that you may not be aware of. Read here about some of these treasures.
– Internal clock:
If you use Evolution, the Fedora desktop clock has great features for you. This clock is associated with the events and tasks of your Evolution Calendar, and displays appointments and a list of tasks that you must do with the clock. Try it now at Fedora! Just click on the clock on the top of your desktop!
– Network Manager:
It’s never been easier to connect to the Internet. Whether you connect to the Internet with wires, whether you use a wireless internet connection, or a hidden, encrypted wireless network, or VPN, or if you even connect to the Internet using a mobile device, the network manager will make things easy for you. .
– Moving backgrounds:
Look for backgrounds with a clock photo in System Settings> Background.
– Power Manager:
The GNOME Power Management System allows Fedora to change how your laptop behaves when the battery is charged or when the battery is discharged. Control when the screen light is dimmed or your computer goes to sleep.
– Disk utility: See
all the hard drives and flash drives you’ve connected to your computer. Make simple storage of discs or perform advanced formats and connection settings.
– Disk space analyzer:
Has your hard drive space been over? Where are the gigabytes and megabytes stored? The disk space analyzer will show you graphs of disk space to help you understand which folders fill your disk space and help you to freeze up your disk space.
– IBus keyboard input:
IBus is an efficient and small system entry in Fedora. Do you speak one or more languages that require an advanced input system? IBus allows you to choose between multiple input systems so you can write in any language you want.

Key Features of the Fedora Linux Operating System:
Fedora is 100% free of charge, with free and open source software.
With thousands of apps out of more than 10,000 packages, Fedora certainly has an app for you.
– Do not worry about antivirus and malware anymore. Fedora is based on Linux and secure.
– Created by the global community of contributors. Be sure to have a local website for you.
Fedora is the basis of Linux Red Hat, a powerful operating system
– Fedora is free to share! Give it to your friends and family. Without worry!
– With a lot of wallpapers and free and beautiful themes, work on your own.
– Fedora has been installed millions. Fedora is a massive community for membership


software download direct link – 1660 MB

Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar, remove the files from the compressed state.
– Save the Image.iso file with the Iso Burner software on a raw DVD.
Restart your computer and install Windows.


Manufacturer: RedHat –
English Name: Fedora
Version: v28
File Size: 1660 MB


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