Download Ghasedak v2.0 – Native and Multipurpose Dandelion OS


Dandelion is a freelance operating system based on the Linux operating system that is used by public and private organizations, software and network engineers, civil and road engineers, schools and higher education institutes, and personal and household purposes. With a complete set of office and office software, software engineering, multimedia, animation and programming tools, the operating system has the ability to provide the needs of a wide range of users of computer systems. Dandelion is a functional system that, while capable of meeting the needs of different user groups, has the speed and quality, easy to manage and easy to quickly connect with users and provide the tools they need in the shortest time possible. puts.
Home users and personal use
In general, home users are referred to anyone who uses personal computer software. This category of people install their software on their PCs at home or laptop. Major softwares commonly used by these users include multimedia, office, gaming, and more. With the advancement of technology and the upgrading of computer systems, the company’s maker of operating systems, including Microsoft and Apple, increased their use of system resources by upgrading their operating systems, causing users to buy and use hardware Be expensive and new. This has led to a lot of unnecessary investment in buying a computer that is compatible with the operating system intended for everyday routine. The dandelion system, with the financial capability of the users, makes it possible for these people to spend the least cost on the best of efficiency and quality by using energy efficiently as the most important reason for using dandelion firmware. Using the latest software technology to optimize the resources used by the system, including power management, the operating system can play an important role in reducing energy consumption in organizations.
The use of appropriate software for office and office users is one of the capabilities of this operating system. One of these software applications is the Microsoft Office suite, which is suitable for office and office users and can support all Microsoft Office files with full support for Persian language. The LibreOffice software suite comes in various sections, such as text section, spreadsheet, database, flowchart, etc. The unique features of this operating system are the special formulation program that is capable of writing complex mathematical and engineering formulas.
Using the complete set of multimedia software for playing, converting and editing audio and video files can be considered the capabilities of this operating system. Software that can play all audio and video files and read video CDs / DVDs, play online games over the network, support DVB and edit audio and video files.
Support for all email and messenger services Nowadays, the world is another great function of dandelion operating system. Simultaneous support for all of these services, including Yahoo, Google, MSN, Jabber, etc., is one of the other features of the software available on the dashboard.
Support for all external hardware including printers, scanners, webcams, all serial port connectors and USB ports, and support for touch screens are among the most important features of this operating system. All users of this operating system without any conflicts with the usual complexity on Windows platforms or installing a hardware driver on their operating system can use all of their external equipment in the shortest possible time and ease.
Support for Windows OS software (such as Microsoft Office software suite, Photoshop, and Internet Explorer) is a unique feature of the software in the dashboard operating system. Windows OS users who are accustomed to certain Windows software can install and use their software on the dashboard.
Lightweight and portable, use of the operating system without the need to install directly on the hard disk, detect all hardware drivers, connect to the network and support other networks of operating systems, including Windows, provide security and security needs of organizations State and private, and the easy and fast installation of software on disk and network are the most important features of this operating system.

Key features of dandelion operating system:
– 100% compatibility with various types of hardware available
– Support for all software applications such as Office, CAD, Adobe / 3D and so on
– Support for Windows software
– Full language and line support for Persian and Latin
– Full support for SSI and ADSL
– No need to isolate the organization’s network from the Internet
– Superior customization capability
– More than 5 times faster than Windows
– More than 2 times faster than Apple
– Cool and beautiful graphic environment


Direct Link Software – 1100 MB

Password For File:

Note: Please avoid blank spaces during copy or write password by typing.

Installation guide

– After downloading the program by WinRar , remove the files from the compressed state.
– The desired file is in ISO format. Open the image file using the Iso Burner software and record onto a raw CD.
Restart your system and launch it with a DVD-ROM.


Manufacturer: Dandelion –
English name: Ghasedak
version: v2.0
File size: 1100 MB
Published: 18:36 – 08-05-2015
Rating: 5.0



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