Download Uninstall Tool v3.5.8 Build 5620 – Software to uninstall installed programs


Uninstall Tool is one of the most practical applications in Windows that helps users easily uninstall software and programs installed on Windows. Software installed on Windows will slow down Windows over time, and the lack of a complete removal of these programs by the option in the control panel has led users to seek alternative software. This tool will help you with many features and the ability to remove all traces of installed programs. Windows is always fast and powerful. High-speed software, smart search, clean up of software that needs to be repaired, synchronization with the Add / Remove Programs option in Windows, user-friendly graphical user interface and dozens of other features, including the key features that are included in the Uninstall Tool. They are eating

Uninstall Tool Key Features:
– Full removal of installed programs in Windows
– Ability to remove software tracks in full
– High speed software in deleting and searching files
– Ease of use of software and features
– Smart search software
– Remove program Which are not normally uninstalled.
– Display detailed and comprehensive information about installed software
– Compatible with various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system


software download direct link – 4.2 MB

Password For File:

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