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Collection of the most common questions and problems of users

Many users will encounter questions when using the site, and you will find the answers.

Click the download link but the file will not download?

At some hours, due to high traffic to the server, the download site may start downloading with a delay or download speed, it is better to copy the download link and enter in the download manager software (which is available here) , Until downloaded by this software. If not downloaded again, download the question mark to the bottom of the link? Add and try. If not downloaded again, try again in a few minutes.

When downloading multipart files, one or more sections will not be downloaded?

This problem is due to the simultaneous download of several files, you must download the files you want to download individually and after downloading a file, download the next file, but if you start downloading several files at the same time, Error message 503 encountered. If you are not downloading a file, download a question mark to the bottom of the link? Add and try.

I enter the password as, but it returns an error message, why?

There are a few reasons why: 1. When entering a password, your keyboard will be in alphabetical order and enter the password in capital letters, and because all the letters of the password should be typed in a small way. The problem arises. 2. When entering a password, your keyboard may be in Persian mode, in which case both passwords are not accepted, while typing your keyboard’s EN / FA status. 3. You may have Copy & Paste instead of typing the password, in which case the password may not be entered correctly and it is best to type the password. 4. If you are sure of all the above and again encountered a password error, it’s because the file you downloaded is not properly downloaded, and since the file is not complete, you will encounter an error message. To download the file correctly, you need to have a download manager downloadable from here. After installing the download management software, your download speed is increased and the files fail to be minimized

I’m going to download the file, it’s written in the download section, downloading the first, second, and … What is the meaning of it?

We split the bulky files into a few smaller sections to make it easier to download and less chance of being damaged, for example, if you download a 1GB file firmly for download, if you download it 900 MB and Your internet connection is disconnected, you have to download it again from the beginning. To solve this problem, we will divide the 1 GB file into 5 sections of 200 MB, and you will download these sections individually, however, if you have a problem with the fifth part, then you no longer need to start from scratch. Download all sections and just download the fifth part.

When extracting files, I suddenly encounter a Wrong Password CRC message, why?

This problem is one of the most commonly encountered issues from users. In this case, you should be careful about the error message and see exactly which section of the error message, on any part of the error message, is that the file of that part is corrupted and not downloaded properly, and you must re-install the same section , Please note that you do not have to download all the parts. Just download the same part again. Most of the uploaded files also have the ability to repair, which means that you have to re-download the file before downloading it. , You can also try your chance to repair that file, and if you do not repair it, download it again. This file will run the Winrar software to restore the files, download the files you downloaded, select all the components, and select the Repair option located in the upper part of the software. Then choose the right place to store them. When you’re done, go to the location you chose for storage and extract files to it. If you still encounter the above message, the only way to download the file/partition again is corrupted.

When extracting files, I suddenly encounter the next volume is required, why?

This problem is because you have not downloaded all the parts of the file, in some cases a bulk file is divided into several parts for easier download, you must download all the parts so that you can use that file. And if you do not even download one from the parts, you will not be able to use them and you will encounter the above message.

When I download a file with a 404 error?

This problem is caused by the failure of the download link, which you can use to report a crash link, let us know and resolve it.

I have downloaded the software or game, when it comes to antivirus software, the viral message is cracking the file, why?

Crack files due to the nature of the functionality when used may be detected by antivirus as a malicious file. In such cases, temporarily disable your antivirus, install software or games, and crack the installation guide. Then re-activate your antivirus.
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